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*Please note some responses may take 48 hours if we are experiencing high demand (excl weekends).

Please check our FAQ’s before contacting us.

Firstly, you’ll need to download the Olfi app to your smartphone or tablet. This is available for both iOS and Android. With your Olfi one.five powered on and in a video or photo mode, press the up settings button to activate Wi-Fi. You will then need to connect your mobile device to your Olfi using your mobile device’s Wi-Fi settings. You will notice that your Olfi acts as a Wi-Fi hotspot (it will not provide an internet connection). Open the app and you can now control your Olfi. More information on how to use this feature is available via our Tutorials page.

Power up your Olfi and head over to the main menu using the power/mode button. Scroll through the icons using the up/down settings buttons until you reach the “Remote Control” symbol. Use the shutter button to enter. Press the down settings button to select “On” and confirm by using the shutter button. Next, select “Remote Control Pairing” by using the down settings buttons and confirm with the shutter. The screen will prompt you to press both the record and photo buttons on the remote simultaneously. Once you have completed this, the camera will confirm that the remote is connected. You can now return to your desired shooting mode. If you are having difficulty, confirm that the remote lights up when a button is pressed. If not, the remote battery may be flat. This can be changed and uses a watch style battery. More information on how to use and set up the remote is available via our Tutorials page.

You can check your camera’s current firmware version in the setup menu. Check for the latest version at this link. If you need to update, follow the steps to download the firmware file. Install instructions are included in the download. For a step by step video of how to update and check your firmware version, click here.

Yes, your Olfi has a dedicated car mode. This can be accessed via the main menu. More information on how to use this feature is available via our Tutorials page.

We try to keep things as neat as possible here at Olfi. We’re also not huge fans of using too much paper. We feel that the best way to learn is visually and to get hands on. Don’t be afraid to try new settings, you can always revet to the defaults. We have a host of video tutorials that cover all of the features that your Olfi has to offer. You can find them here. So grab a cup of tea, or maybe even a beer, kick back and let us show you how to get the most from your Olfi.

We’re glad that you chose Olfi! Sometimes the settings can be a little overwhelming, but we’ve made sure that the default settings should give you great results. If you’re looking to experiment, or perhaps you changed a setting and your videos and photos aren’t looking as good as they should, please watch our in depth video and photo settings tutorials.

A videolapse takes the work out of creating a great timelapse video. When shooting a normal timelapse, your camera produces a photo every X seconds. To play these back as a sequence or video, you need to learn how to edit, and this can take time or be over complicated for your needs. This is where videolapse comes in to its own. A videolapse automatically creates a video from a sequence of images taken every X seconds. You can choose your resolution and frame rate too. You can treat this as a super fast motion video, ideal for sunsets etc. We have detailed tutorials available for both the Timelapse and Videolapse modes here.

This can happen when holding the camera as the motion will cause the camera to start recording. The best option is to cover the lens with your hand, stop the recording with the shutter button, then use the power/mode button to get back to the main menu.

This symbol indicates that you have Gyro Stabilisation turned on. You can find out more about how to use this feature here.

This indicates that you have distortion correction turned on. This helps to reduce the fisheye effect produced by your Olfi’s ultra wide angle lens.

Please check and try the following:

  • Ensure that the battery is fully charged.
  • Hold the power button until you see the welcome screen.
  • Remove and re-insert the battery.

Whilst we double check every Olfi before they go out to our customers, we understand that there may be occasional issues. If you feel that your Olfi is not working as it should then please feel free to get in touch with us on We aim to get back to all technical enquiries within 48 hours (weekdays), but sometimes this can be longer due to the Christmas break.

Firstly, check that your memory card has a fast enough write speed. We recommend 45mb/s or higher. Olfi branded cards have a 90mb/s write speed. If your card manufacturer does not state the write speed of the memory card on their website or packaging, it’s likely that it’s not fast enough.

Sometimes you may have the perfect memory card, but you still get an error. This is more common on cards of high capacity like 64gb. These cards usually need to be formatted before use. It is best to do this from your Olfi’s settings as this allows the camera to set the card up exactly as it needs to.

Below are the steps to format the memory card in your Olfi:

Power on camera using the power/mode button – Error message will show
Press the power/mode button twice to cycle to the main menu screen.
Use the bottom settings button to scroll down to the 12th option “Setup”
Use the shutter button to enter the setup menu
Press the bottom settings button to scroll down to “Format”
Use the shutter button to select this option.
Use the bottom settings button to scroll to “Ok”
Press the shutter button to select this option.
Use the power/mode button to return to video mode.
You should now be able to use the camera without a problem.
This is something that can happen with all digital cameras from time to time. They’re stuck pixels and are usually picked up on when leaving the factory, but sometimes they can occur during use or transport. Luckily though, your Olfi one.five has a built in fix for this.
Here are the steps to fix – Please follow very carefully:
1. Format memory card in camera using the setup menu
2. Insert memory card into computer
3. Open the memory card on your computer (there should be nothing on it).
4. Create a folder called “engmode” on the memory card.
5. Eject memory card and insert into camera.
6. Cover the camera lens with a cloth so that no light can get in.
7. Keeping the lens covered, power on the camera.
8. The camera will enter a mode to fix the stuck pixels
9. The camera will display “DPBrightAdjust… Please Wait…”
10. After about 30 seconds the camera should display “DP:PASS PleasePowerOff”
11. Power off camera
12. Insert your card into the computer and delete the “engmode” folder.
13. You should be good to go.
Please shoot a test video after to see if this has worked. If not, it may be worth running the process a few times to completely clear the issue.
If this does not solve the problem, then please get in touch with us on and we’ll get you up and running.

Don’t worry, we’ll have the answer. Please take the time to watch our video tutorials as these cover almost everything that your Olfi has to offer. Should these not answer your questions, please feel free to get in touch via

United Kingdom

– Free Shipping (3-5 Days – Same day dispatch if ordered by 1pm) – Orders over £100
– Next Day Delivery (order by 1pm – working days only) £7.00
– Standard Shipping (3-5 Days) £5.00

European Union
– Cost Saver – Royal Mail (7+ Days) £10
– Express Tracked Courier (Est 2-3 Days) £20

Rest of the world
– Cost Saver – Royal Mail (7+ Days) £10
– Express Tracked Courier (Est 2-5 Days) £30

In most cases, the footage will be somewhere, it’s just a case of retrieving it. Have you completed a test with record and playback? Have you also checked all folders with your camera connected via USB to your PC?
If yes to the above, and you still can’t find your content – please email and we’ll be happy to assist you.

If you look after your case, your case will look after you.
1. Check your case for damage before each use.
2. Check the seal for debris and misalignment. Clean if necessary. 
3. Do a test run of your case underwater before inserting your camera each and every time.
4. Make sure the inside of your case is thoroughly dry before use.
4. Thoroughly rinse your case in fresh water after EVERY use.
5. Dry your case with a lint free cloth after rinsing.
If you have water damaged your Olfi camera within the case, please provide a detailed description of how the camera is damaged to




Customer Service Hours

Monday – Friday
9am – 5pm (UK Time)

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