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*NOTE: Update ONLY for Olfi one.five

Date – 01 March 2017

What’s new?

MAJOR BUG FIX – Fixes issue that may lead to accidental data loss.

Adds rotate feature to Video/Photo Shortcut Menu.

Further improvements to Burst Mode.

New in previous update incase you missed it:

Adds 1second intervals to Timelapse Mode.

Fixes issue in Burst Mode where all images were 5mp. Now allows for up to 12mp bursts.

Changes startup routine. Short press of power button will no longer show intro graphic.

Exposure time added to Timelapse Mode for long exposure night timelapses.

Resolves complications with memory card error messages. Should you now have a memory card error or if your card requires setup the camera will ask if you want to format now.

Bug fixes.

How to update:

Click to download the latest firmware

Unzip the downloaded file and read the READ ME file.



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*NOTE: Update ONLY for Original Olfi (not one.five)

What’s new?

Adds 1440p super wide resolution.
Fixes potential issue with audio.
Supports more 64gb cards.

How to update:

Click to download the latest firmware

How to update:

      1. Please make sure that you have used your memory card in your Olfi before you start.
      2. Insert the memory card into your computer or connect your Olfi via USB
      3. Locate the memory card on your computer.
      4. Copy “OLFICAMX.BIN” to your memory card. DO NOT put this inside theOlfi folder.
      5. Eject the memory card from your computer.
      6. Insert the memory card in to your Olfi.
      7. Connect your Olfi to power via USB.
      8. The LEDs on your Olfi will start to flash.
      9. Your camera will then power on.
      10.  Please either format the card using your Olfi’s menu or remove the “OLFICAMX.BIN” file from your memory card using your computer. If you skip this step, your camera will attempt to do the update every time you power it on.
      11. Your Olfi is now up to date.